Ever considered going into sports advertising? You don’t need to be Barclays or Heineken to pull it off. Creating value for your company’s brand can be just as effective at a local level, regardless of the size or type of your business. Here are just six reasons why:

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1. There are so many opportunities for brand exposure.

Sports advertising is big business for a reason, and that reason is just as valid whether we’re talking about half-time at the Super Bowl or at your local Sunday league game.  At every turn in every sport, every serve or tackle, there are almost limitless opportunities for your brand to gain exposure. Sports clubs possess a unique ability to disseminate advertising effortlessly via the club’s facilities, equipment, team kits, tournaments, web presence or media channels.

Community sport assimilates the spread of advertising with especial ease. This is because if your sponsorship ultimately means that a community can continue playing the sport they love, then the club you sponsor is going to be only too happy to inventively and enthusiastically host and promote your marketing. Try comparing this to the world of conventional paid advertising, where every inch of ad space is meticulously counted and charged for.

 2. Advertise where you know you’ll be noticed.

So your newly sponsored sports club has enthusiastically opened up tons of new ad space for your business. Great, but the arrangement means far more than simply new places to put your logo. A commercial presence in sport means that your brand is now getting noticed in a way that traditional advertising could never have provided.

The key difference is that advertising at sporting events means that you’re reaching out to a captive, engaged and active audience. These are consumers in an ideal state to receive marketing. You can drive past a billboard for years without reading it, but try not reading the sponsor’s name in the middle of your match day opponents’ shirt.

What’s more is that getting your adverts received and understood is even easier at a community level because community sports facilities tend to be quite bare aesthetically as they’re rightly focused instead on providing the best possible playing space. When it comes to getting your advert noticed, however, this lack of visual clutter can prove a distinct advantage. You can forget Time Square, decorate an untouched sports hall with your ad and you can know you’ll be the centre of attention.

 3. Associate your business with sportsmanship and a drive for success.

Sponsorship is the extension of a brand, but more than that it is the concrete demonstration of a business’ character. Dedication, loyalty, fair play, determination and a drive for success are core sporting values, but these are also the traits that modern consumers are increasingly demanding of the businesses they use. Partnering with a sports club is a simple way to demonstrate that your business shares these fundamental values and is always seeking to improve and to win.

Share in a club’s values and you can certainly share in their triumphs. Why not display news stories about your sponsored club’s achievements on the walls in your building or on the pages of your website? Businesses work hard to portray an image of success, and this is yet another goal that sports sponsorship can help you achieve. There’s good cause for you to be celebrating these occasions anyway, since a club that wins will gain greater attention within their sport and earn even more exposure for their valued sponsor.

4. Sell your business as a positive force in your community.

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, has become an increasingly important factor in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Major companies know this and are creating whole departments devoted solely to CSR. But social responsibility is no longer just a buzz word for the big boys. Being able to demonstrate a positive contribution to the community has become a key weapon in the armoury of small and medium sized businesses wishing to gain an edge over their competition.

Show some love to a community sports club and the whole community will love you in return. Sport improves lives and community clubs know this better than most. Community clubs lead the way in supplying sporting opportunities to the widest possible range of local people, to all abilities, ages and backgrounds.

To provide a concrete example, Cardiff City Table Tennis Club works with the council initiative Sport Cardiff towards the goal of providing inclusive sports sessions for all of the city’s schoolchildren. It is these kinds of authentically valuable projects that your business now needs to be associated with if it intends to flourish in an increasingly socially aware marketplace.

5. Take advantage of the club’s facilities for your staff and stake-holders. 

Every business needs a little fun and whether its team building opportunities or corporate hospitality you’re after, the club you sponsor could prove an invaluable resource.

Sport is used by many businesses as a way of increasing co-operation between colleagues or instilling a competitive spirit within a workforce. Many clubs will offer discounted or even free use of their facilities to their treasured sponsors. Getting staff involved in sport can do wonders for your team morale. They’ll thank you for the discounts, and you could even provide the office with a new favourite sport to bond over.

It doesn’t even have to be only your employees who benefit. Sport can also make for inexpensive but memorable entertainment for business partners or company stake-holders, so why not challenge them to a game?

One immediate logistical benefit is that sports clubs often have a good deal of open space that you may be able to use for hosting large meetings and events. Most sports equipment can be stored away; or you could always leave it up and knock a ball about while brainstorming.

To take the fullest advantage of these benefits your sponsorship plan ought to target a club with large, high-quality facilities.

6. You might get a tax break for your business.

Did you know that sponsorship of community clubs is tax-deductible?

The money that your business spends in sponsorship does not count towards your company’s taxable profits. This means that when the Inland Revenue is measuring your profits to work out how much tax you ought to pay, what you’ve expended in sponsorship won’t be included in your taxable profits.

There are a few technical exceptions to this rule, however, so do some research to find out if your company might benefit.


Cardiff City Table Tennis Club is Wales’ only purpose-built table tennis centre. The large Cathays-based club features high-end equipment and club teams competing across the British and local league systems. 

The club have just begun offering an introductory sponsorship package which includes a raft of in-house and online advertising, discounted use of the facilities and many other partnership benefits, all for just £200 for a full calendar year.

Depending on a few more results, there’s a strong chance that the club could be promoted to the Premier Division when the next table tennis season begins in September. Our introductory package then provides a fantastic opportunity for companies to partner with the club for a full year after paying only a discounted rate for a year of sponsorship, kept low whilst pending for the play-off results in the spring. This means that getting on board now could mean that you’ll find yourself partnering a Premier Division club for only a fraction of the price.

If you would like any more information about the club or its sponsorship package then you can get in touch with us by emailing lawrenceccttc@gmail.com.




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