Cardiff City Table Tennis Club are inviting anyone and everyone to come and use the club for free on the first ever World Table Tennis Day this coming Easter Monday. Twelve hours of free play will be available at the top quality Cathays-based facilities.

World Table Tennis Day is organised by the ITTF, the International Table Tennis Federation.

We’ll supply the bats, the balls and the tables so all you need to bring is yourselves and someone to knock around with.

The International Table Tennis Federation announced late last year that the inaugural World Table Tennis Day will be celebrated on April 6th across six continents and twenty-two nations. The date of April 6th was chosen because the day had already been earmarked by the United Nations as an ‘International Day of Sport for Development and Peace’.  The focus of the global event then centres on promoting the highly inclusive character of table tennis, marking the sport out as a vehicle for positive social change around the world.

“The idea behind this day is to gather table tennis enthusiasts and attract people who don’t usually play” says ITTF President Thomas Weikert. “We want to promote our love for our sport and to engage new players. I can’t wait for the entire world to play.”

Taking the ITTF’s lead, Cardiff City Table Tennis Club are especially keen to attract local people who’ve never visited us before.  April 6th being a bank holiday, with a full day of free table tennis on offer, this is the perfect time for club regulars to nudge friends and family who once showed a passing interest in the game. That’s not to say you need any connection to the club to get involved; if this is the first you’re hearing of Wales only full-time table tennis centre (one of Cathays’ best kept secrets) then you’re exactly who we’re after.

Why not bring the whole family down to try out this highly accessible and inclusive sport? Table tennis is loved by enthusiasts from eight to eighty and is quickly developing a mass following.

Already one of the most widely played sports globally- thanks largely to the game’s huge following in China- table tennis is now rapidly expanding its status within the UK in the wake of the 2012 Olympics. Driving this renewed interest is undoubtedly the fundamentally inclusive character of this inexpensive non-contact sport, accessible to a broad range of ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Junior players generally find that they take quickly to a sport that’s relatively easy to play but an endless challenge to master. London and Manchester have already witnessed the surging popularity of bars centred wholly on table tennis, providing young adults with a chic nightlife pastime. Older people too have gate-crashed the trend, with the rapid tactics of table tennis- sometimes described as ‘aerobic chess’- being increasingly touted as a means of fighting dementia and maintaining an active lifestyle.

In the spirit of the day, the club and the sport in general, April 6th will be about introducing our city to our sport. From 10 am until 10 pm on Easter Monday, we’ll be offering even those who’ve never picked up a bat before the chance to play for free at top quality facilities. Happy World Table Tennis Day!

Cardiff City Table Tennis Club is Wales’ only dedicated, full time table tennis centre. Located in Cathays in the heart of Cardiff, our  facilities are open to the public six days a week for casual ‘Pay as you Play’ sessions as well as international-standard coaching. The club extends a warm welcome to players of all abilities and levels of experience.

You can find more information on Cardiff City Table Tennis Club at

You can find more information on World Table Tennis Day by going to


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